Value chain

(2-6, 3-3, 204-1, 308-2)

Supply chain

Our supply chain plays a vital role at Fibra Danhos, because it permits us to respond to our properties’ need for quality, safety, cost and service, with tools that facilitate our sustainable operation.


Our suppliers are important allies, so one of our key areas of work last year was to involve them in our ESG strategy. Aware of the strength that comes from having an excellent supply chain, we are continually looking for ways to manage it, strengthening supplier relations to reduce risks and expand our sphere of influence.

Transparency and reporting, expense analysis
Category % of expenses Geographic location of the supplier
Surveillance and security 19.08 Mexico
Comprehensive cleaning 10.72 Mexico
Elevator and escalator maintenance 4.85 Mexico
CCTV system maintenance 1.24 Mexico
Cleaning at heights 1.65 Mexico
Air conditioning equipment maintenance 1.25 Mexico
Trash collection 0.71 Mexico

$346 million pesos in supplier service expense, 39% of the company’s total expenses.

Risk identification and management (205-1, 308-1, 308-2, 408-1, 409-1, 414-1, 414-2)

In 2022, we incorporated 209 new suppliers, bringing the total to 472. We consider 25 of these to be critical: a portfolio of companies that are essential to the performance of our properties, who provide specialized services in their respective fields and have a significant impact on our operations. They guarantee the service we offer and the quality of our buildings. We are aware of the high risk entailed in a possible interruption or failure in the service they supply and its possible financial, legal, regulatory and operational impact.

All of these suppliers have provided excellent service for a number of years and have been selected and confirmed through standardized and transparent quality, profitability, technical competence and due diligence processes, based on principles of ethics and social responsibility.

To prevent illegal acts and continue to supply excellent services to our tenants and visitors, we carefully select our suppliers. We require that they:

  • Confirm that they are familiar and agree with our Sustainable and Responsible Purchasing Policy, which establishes a commitment throughout Fibra Danhos’s sourcing process, encouraging suppliers, contractors or service suppliers to abide by basic sustainability and responsibility standards or criteria, and to publicize and promote knowledge and implementation of the United Nations Global Compact Principles among suppliers and contractors.
  • Confirm that they are familiar and agree with our Code of Ethics and abide by its terms.
  • Fill out a 12-point questionnaire covering:
    • Ethical issues: anticorruption policies, confidential information and conflict-free products.
    • Labor management: equal treatment, satisfaction surveys.
    • Safety, health and environment: evaluation of risks to health or to the environment in operations, medical oversight program, emissions monitoring.

We ensure that our critical suppliers follow ethical principles similar to those of Fibra Danhos. If some supplier subsequently fails to meet the agreed-upon terms, their contract will be revoked.

Supply chain monitoring

100% of critical suppliers evaluated.

84% of critical suppliers have been audited in the last two years.

15 suppliers were rejected for ESG reasons in 2022.



Our tenants are the core of our business, so we work to ensure their comfort and well-being and the generation of mutual benefits for the long term.

Integration of tenants into our ESG strategy

Adaptations manual

To strengthen this relationship and remove any possibility of confusion, we have an adaptations manual in every one of our properties which is given to tenants and their employees. This manual defines the general and specific rules governing tenants, their architects and engineers, and includes environmental standards that must be met in the process of adapting retail spaces, for example, handling of construction waste, types of lighting, transformers, etc. With this, we strengthen goals and initiatives that we seek to trigger among key actors in our supply chain to generate a virtuous circle.

Management-tenant ESG Committee

We created the first ESG committee with tenants at Torre Virreyes. Our goal is to begin bringing tenants into our ESG strategy, while helping them to set their own environmental impact reduction goals. Their involvement is completely voluntary, and the idea is to work together on ESG initiatives, knowing their priorities in these topics and organizing awareness campaigns at the property level.

Tenant scope 1 and 2 emissions monitoring

This year we began measuring our scope 3 emissions, which are those produced in the operation of our assets. For this first exercise, we examined the scope 1 and 2 emissions of our priority tenants, accounting for 40% of our GLA. We plan to increase this coverage year by year to improve the quality of our data.

Satisfaction survey

We conducted a satisfaction survey of our priority tenants. Its purpose was to collect valuable information about their experience in our properties so that we could identify areas of improvement and opportunities to constantly provide a better service.

82% responded that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the spaces leased from Fibra Danhos

73% responded that they would recommend being a tenant of Fibra Danhos to others